Authorized Treatment Facility

Authorised Treatment Facility (AFT) for the Safe Disposal of End of Life Vehicles. If your vehicle is ready for the breaker’s yard, you must take it to an Authorised Treatment Facility because scrap vehicles are hazardous waste. Do not give scrap vehicles to unlicensed illegal sites.

The requirements of the End of Life Vehicle legislation are:

  • All waste vehicles must be de-polluted at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)
  • ATFs must issue a Certificate of Destruction to the last owner
  • As an Authorised Treatment Facility, prior to scrapping your vehicle, we will de-pollute the vehicle, which includes removing all tyres, fluids and batteries. This service can only be carried out with specialist equipment
  • Once your vehicle has been de–polluted it will then be scrapped and the metal recycled for future use. Waste facility permit number is WFP – CK – 10 – 0069 – 01 Waste collection permit number is WCP – CK – 10 – 0776 – 01