At our garage in Dungourney, Rigney Bros also have a fully equipped workshop and service centre.  We are ideally located for motorists in Midleton, Youghal, Fermoy and Tallow.

Regular servicing is an integral part of the safe and efficient running of your vehicle.  It can help spare you the inconvenience of distressing breakdowns, as well as helping to protect your vehicle’s resale value. We also offer outside business hours appointments that suit you & work around your schedule.

Rigney Bros Servicing

  • Suitable for all makes and models of vehicles
  • Uses quality sourced parts
  • Uses fully trained technicians
  • Will help maintain your vehicles safety and reliability
  • Provides full NCT & DOE pre-checks & will arrange the NCT or DOE for you including drop off & pick up at the NCT or DOE centre
  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Courtesy car service available
  • Free local collection and delivery available
  • Out of hours servicing….
  • Car care and service advice Q & A
  • Ask the experts

Go Green

Due to the volume of today’s traffic, the type of journeys you make and the varying quality of fuels that are available from fuel stations, the economy and performance of your vehicle could be effected.

Carrying out Rigney Bros. Go Green eco service, will help improve your fuel consumption and improve your vehicles harmful emissions thus resulting in a cost saving to you the motorist.

Rigney Bros recommend to every motorist that their Go Green eco service is carried out at least once a year whether it be stand alone or in conjunction with an NCT or service.

Go Green eco service consists of

  • Multi-point mechanical vehicle health check.
  • Check your brakes and wheel bearings to make sure they are operating efficiently and not rubbing, this will help minimise fuel consumption.
  • Air conditioning efficiency check to ensure your air conditioning system is not making you consume excessive fuel.
  • Tyres, steering and suspension check, ensuring you get the best from these components.
  • Check emissions for improper gases or an imbalanced mix.
  • Add a fuel treatment to your tank that systematically cleans the engine and ensures it burns cleanly and efficiently.